Personal file for the employee, Everything you need to know about your employees, just in one place

An employee personal file is an important tool for any business.
It brings together all the relevant information about each employee, including personal details, documents, reminders and more. 

With us, the personal portfolio allows businesses to manage employees more efficiently, improve communication with employees, and keep employee data in one secure place.

No manual document storage required

Includes fast onboarding

30-day free trial no credit card required

Organize and organize, with one click

All documents, digital

Manage documents easily

We at EZtime know how difficult it is to manage and keep track of all the documents that accumulate over the years. 

So how does it work for us? 

With a few simple clicks, choose which documents are needed. Employees upload the files through our app or website, and the files are automatically filed in the right place. 

Each file is securely backed up to our cloud and filed in its appropriate place, in the employee profile, so it can be obtained at any time. 

Create digital documents for quick filling and secure cloud retention

Event reminders and records

We always keep our finger on the pulse❤️

The visa is about to expire, you need to renew your firearms license, want to remember the last pay increase, when was the travel fee updated or when did your car license run out?
With us, there is no problem remembering everything.

Set reminders and record events with one click.

EZTIME allows you to set reminders for any task or event, and record events conveniently and quickly. This helps you keep your business efficient and up to date.

Each reminder can be associated with a specific employee profile to maintain optimal order and organization. It’s simple and easy.

Custom fields

Every company is special, and our system is suitable for everyone

Each company has its own specific requirements, so we made sure to create a system of customizing.

The significant advantage of the easyTime system is that with a few simple clicks you can tailor the system exactly to your company’s needs.

Starting today, you can create an endless variety of custom fields, just for you!

Fast onboarding process

Progress to an efficient and independent onboarding method

The EZTIME system has several ways to onboard your employees. You can perform manual onboarding by entering details and uploading documents securely.

In addition, it is possible to perform concentrated absorption of groups of employees by uploading an Excel file.

And now you can use our unique method of onboarding employees independently!

How does it work?

The easyTime system issues a code and a registration link that is sent to employees. Employees register independently in a few simple steps and upload all the required documents for the registration process. At the end of the process, all the details are saved in their designated places in the easyTime system.

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