While you drink coffee, our system manages your employees

With our revolutionary system, you can easily track and manage the attendance of your employees, a super smart cloud system available to you anytime and anywhere.

Our system will automatically perform advanced calculations for you, you can export a variety of reports and transfer them to your payroll software with a click, see missing reports, keep up to date with the state of the business online, and hundreds of other functions that will make life easy for you!

By using the system you will save a lot of time and money from the first month.

The attendance system is the most important tool, don’t settle for a less-than-perfect system for you!

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What is your preferred reporting method?

So that you can easily track the hours your employees come to work, we offer you some best practices.

Attendance clock-in application

Easy and convenient attendance reporting based on GPS location from any smart device. with dozens of advanced functions.

Physical attendance clock

Identification in several ways such as: fingerprint \ password \ facial recognition \ proximity card

Website \ Kiosk

Smart attendance reporting using a computer or tablet (kiosk) from anywhere and anytime

Our app

Allow your employees to sign in the most efficient way from anywhere. In our application, employees receive a personal username and password with which they will report attendance and enjoy the variety of features that the EZTIME team has carefully developed. Such as: chat, signing via GPS, signing in the designated place for reporting, displaying working hours and signing the report, displaying work arrangements, requesting vacation/sick/special days, reminders and more

Physical attendance clock

A physical attendance clock placed in the business is a perfect solution. Our watches are of the highest quality available on the market and have the most advanced sensors (USA AA) Our identification watches have several identification options – facial recognition, fingerprint, magnetic card, password, and more.

The clocks interface is user-friendly a simple installation that does not require a professional and is available in a wide variety of languages, including Hebrew.

All our clocks are connected to the cloud with PUSH technology that allows full and fast synchronization between the system and the clock

Report on website / kiosk

Employees will be able to sign in using a computer or tablet (kiosk). Of course, the identification process can be based on location, Each employee has a personal user to sign in and out, send requests, view working hours, sign reports, and more

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Come see how simple it is!

The principles that lead us are: Accuracy, Simplicity and Immediacy

Here are some examples of our system’s capabilities

We are proud to show the huge variety of our reports

Instead of spending countless hours on the monthly summary, from now on, you can get any report at the click of a button.

We know that managing absences and reporting employee attendance is an integral part of your job.

See how simple it is to do it with us

Calculating overtime, nights, standard, holidays, and more is a super complex task

With our work agreement management system, everything is simpler The system will do it for you

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Our Features

All types of reports

No matter what report you want, our system knows how to export to Excel, PDF and email exactly what you need!

You can issue a wide variety of over 15 reports and reach every figure and calculation in the most convenient way!

Export to all payroll software

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Full integration with all payroll software available in Israel!

Plus, automatic transfer of all working hours at the push of a button

Work Agreements Interface

Automatic calculation of daily / weekly overtime, night shifts, breaks, delays, standard hours, Saturdays and holidays and many other things with the help of an easy and quick initial setup

Personal file for the employee

The era of having to keep a huge binder of the employee’s documents is over

With us, you can upload any document and employee information to the system and save it in the cloud forever! Our system is also an ERP for employee data. In addition, you can create a checklist of documents required for a new employee.

Management of absences

It is not easy to keep track of all sick days, holidays, reserves or any other reason the employee is absent from the work day. With us you can report any type of absence including attaching documents and full documentation.

Advanced Salary Simulator

In our system, it is not just a time clock, there is an advanced salary simulator that will calculate for you in advance how much money you will spend on salaries at the end of the month. Includes the option to document loans, advances and bonuses.

A 30 days free trial

Don’t buy a cat in a sack!

Try the system first for free without any charges!

Professional customer service

Our skilled customer service is available at your disposal at any time. Also, full availability of CPAs and accountants from the best in the market

Without any obligation

The burden of proof is on us, we will never ask you to commit to our product. You choose whether to stay with us or not.

What else do we know how to do?

SMS message system

A unique system from the EZTIME system for sending messages in a distribution list or receiving notifications of employees who have entered / exited directly to the mobile

Expense reporting

Our system allows employees and you to record any type of expenses that employees have such as shopping, mileage, expenses and then you can export it to a special report detailing the expenses

Projects / roles / clients

With the help of our unique model, you will be able to segment the working hours by project/client/task/role, in an easy and friendly and easy-to-understand manner, including a summary report for each client or project

Security backup and monitoring

Our system is secure and protected and stored at Triple C in a Tier 4 facility that includes full backups. No need to install local software at your place

Synchronization between branches

If you have several clocks, your employees will be able to sign attendance at each clock that is in your branches in full synchronization without the need to set up a new one

Permission management

You can set each employee the appropriate permission and expose him to the information relevant to him only. You can also allow managers to edit the hours of their employees

Synchronization of holidays and Saturdays

In EZTIME, you can set special overtime hours on holidays and Saturdays that will then be displayed in the monthly report without unnecessary headaches. Of course, we took care of all religions and more

Signing the attendance reports

At the end of the month, the employer will be able to send his employees their attendance report for signature via SMS or email. The employees will sign your report so you will avoid lawsuits and misunderstandings

Action history

You will be able to clock and follow any type of action that happened on the system by you or the employees and clock who entered when and what type of action they did

Management of departments and branches

Order is an important thing, with our system you can manage employees according to departments and branches and create order in your organization

Treatment of exceptions online

The system will immediately locate the employees who forgot to sign in or out and send you and the employees who forgot an immediate notification. That way the repairs will be made at that moment and not in the future

Meal system

A unique system that enables the issuance of meal vouchers integrated into the attendance clock, including counting of meals and summaries

Interface for limiting reports

You can limit the reports of the employees to a specified range of hours so that they cannot work outside the required hours, thus you will save a lot of money on staying at work unnecessarily

Support in a variety of languages

Everyone will feel at home! Our system is global and available in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and French languages and soon more languages

Detailed statistics

The system will build you statistics that will tell you the most important things for your business so you will know the really important things and become more efficient organizationally

Advanced API

No matter what you want to export or import to our system, we have an amazing and easy interface just for that. This way you can work with the software you know and integrate the data from the attendance system

What customers Are saying about us

Frequently asked questions

about the attendance system

Why should the presence be managed in a cloud system?

Through the cloud system, employers will be able to rest easy knowing that the system is being implemented in the most technological way available. Using the cloud, you can save your necessary time and you won't have to do duplicate actions because everything is automatically synchronized in the best possible way.In addition, the EZTIME system is an Internet software and there is no need to download software to a computer.

Is it possible to load data from another system?

Of course! The EZTIME system allows you to upload all your employee data in the most efficient way without wasting precious time.

If I suddenly disconnected from the internet from the attendance clock, the reports will be deleted?

Do not worry, if the clock does not receive Internet synchronization, all the reports from the moment of the lack of synchronization will be saved and as soon as you reconnect the Internet to the clock within seconds, you will be able to see all the missing reports in the system

Is the export to payroll software easy to operate?

for sure! You will be able to export to payroll software with just a click of a button. Without getting into trouble and without a headache!

Are there any obligations?

Absolutely not, you didn't like it, you didn't pay! Without any fine print and without any commitments. You can leave at any time

Still not convinced?
Leave details and our experts will contact you for a comprehensive explanation of all the wonders of the system!

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