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After years in the field, we know exactly what your organization’s needs are, therefore We have developed the most advanced app to make your life easy.

Our application accurately meets the needs of both small and large companies, we provide the highest technology available in the world for you.

Our app will bring all the most important things to you and your employees to have in the palm of your hands. We provide support in 7 languages and accessibility for all populations.
And with dozens of other unique features that set us aside from our competition

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What does our app know how to do?

exactly what you need

GPS based system

Our system will know where your employee reported attendance from, and in addition you will be able to limit the places allowed for reporting and view your employees' route

Reporting by project/role

Work according to projects or roles? With us, your employee reports to you what he is working on and in what role, and you can see his hours by role

Expense reporting interface

The employee can report to you directly from the attendance clock system about expenses such as gas, mileage, food, etc. and attach receipts

Interface to attendance system

The most important tool! The attendance clock application is fully interfaced with the attendance system so that you can perform attendance in a click with all the features available in the attendance system including work agreements

Reporting by scanning a QR or NFC code

An option to limit your employees to reporting presence only with a QR or NFC (proximity) code scan that you can paste in the business. This way you will avoid unreliability in reports

Updates and reminders for employees

In our system, you can send messages directly to your employees at any moment, and also set reminders for employees to report attendance when the employees forget

Requests for days off / sick days

Employees can request sick leave directly from the application for your approval and upload documents about it. And we will ask for changes to the working hours

Support in a variety of languages

It doesn't matter what the gender of your employees is! The application exists in Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish and Arabic so that all your employees can feel at home

Signing attendance reports

Employees will be able to sign their monthly report at the end of each month and confirm that they have seen and received their working hours

Job Log

You can define daily tasks for your employee in order to have order and execution in the organization, after completing the task the employee can attach files and confirm that he has finished the task

Viewing the hours of the fact

The employee will always be able to be in control and see how many hours he worked this month without needing a manager's permission and without needing technological knowledge

Viewing shifts / submitting preferences

The system will be able to show you a summary of shifts received by the employee in any period you choose, including a count of special shifts such as Saturdays and holidays. This way you can create balance and fairness between the employees

Who is the app suitable for?

For everyone, but here are some examples:

Shift workers

Shops and dining businesses

Technicians and service personnel

Safety and security

Working with smart phone

Advance to our instant chat

All corporate communication in one place!

At EzTime, we decided to solve the mess created in communication in the company, and created a smart chat built into the application.

Contact employees, receive requests, and manage staff directly within our system. There is no need to keep looking for old emails, get confused between WhatsApp groups or drive everyone crazy on the phones at inconvenient hours.

Advance to a smarter system that works for you.

Task management is easy and convenient

An advanced task system that will sort you out!

You can build a list of tasks and assignments that must be done every day or period, for example starting a shift, closing a branch, ordering, cleaning, etc.

The system will know how to show your employee the tasks that must be performed during the day.

At the end of the task, the employee can even attach a photo that the task was successfully completed.

You will receive online a full breakdown of the status of the tasks actually performed and who the employee performed and when.

In this way, you will be able to manage the tasks of employees from anywhere at any time.


With proper task management, no task in the business will be forgotten

Dorit Cohen

Office Manager

“We have a large number of field workers and it was impossible to manage everything. With easy time everything happens easily which we did not expect. Everything has become digital including the documents that the workers would fill out manually at the end of a shift”

Dekla Levy

Personnel and payroll manager

“For us, the service is above all else! We have been working with Easy Time for about 3 years in Persia nationally. We are satisfied with the warm attitude of the service representatives and of Ural, who make us feel like family. The system is excellent”

Sigil Kochavi

salary calculator

“We were looking for a solution that combines attendance clocks in the chain’s branches and in addition an application for reporting from home. We received an excellent solution that is convenient for the employees and most important to me as a payroll manager”

Frequently asked questions

about our app

Will the app fit all my employees?

Of course! The EZTIME application was created by the best UI\UX people to give you the most user-friendly interface, no technological knowledge or previous knowledge is necessary. In addition, the application supports a wide variety of languages ​​that are suitable for everyone.

Can employees change their working hours?

of course not! The employee cannot change or edit the hours, but the employee can submit a request to change the hours, after submitting the request the manager will be able to see it in the system and approve or not.

Does the app support all devices?

The EZTIME application supports all types of Android and IOS systems.

Is it possible to sign from anywhere?

Yes, you can sign from anywhere in the world based on GPS location and if you don't want it, you can set the employee where he can sign according to an exact location.

How can I know that the report is reliable?

In addition to identification by GPS location, there is an option to scan a QR barcode or via NFC when the employee scans when entering and leaving work. You can place the sticker anywhere you want.

Are there any obligations?

Absolutely not, you didn't like it, you didn't pay! Without any fine print and without any commitments. You can leave at any time

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